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#42849 - 4 inches of palpitating cock entered in one violent pump, she was so tight, her hymen broke so easily, she felt it, it had hurt so much she had to scream, she couldn’t the gag stopped her cry for help in her throat, the violent way that he came in and out so fast, the total length of his shaft felt like she was being impaled, Alan fell the sudden need to come, his penis grew in size sign that he was about to come and he did stream after stream filled this girls with his seed, and after he was done , he left her vagina and introduced her panties inside her vagina so the aroma of their juices and her blood, he needed to rest, but it was then that he heard her, a sound that will end up changing everything, a scream born out of pure fear coming from none other than his wife, she was staring at the scene, with fear in her eyes, that soon turned into rage for the action that had taken place. Alan, a 30 year old man was in his mountain cabin near a small town, reminiscing about his past l

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