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#37537 - Yeah that's it feel it slut he says as he hits her cherry and smiles he pulls back a little and rams himself trough it with allHis force as she starts to bleed a little as her tight pussy gets owned and stretched by her new master this tight pussy will be fun toy to use for years to come he says as he starts to pump in and out of her slamming balls deep w-what do you mean for years to come Brian says scared as he sits there watching her daughter moan in pleasure what ? You think this stays with a one night stand ? I will use her for as long as I desire she will obey everything i say and maybe she will even give birth to my children he says as he enjoys his newest property ooh yes master thank you she stutters out and you Brian will see it all I will need man to do the tasks like cooking and making the beds he says Brian looks at him and knows it's true as james feels himself close to a orgasm. He started to think what he could do with his powers and slowly starts to te

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