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#379852 - Rolling her onto her belly l raised Lyn’s bum so she was on all fours and guided my shaft to the entrance of her love hole, l could feel the head of my cock parting her pussy lips so gave a gentle thrust of my cock, it slid inside Lyn’s warm silky hole, l felt her inner pussy muscles rippling over my shaft the deeper l drove my cock, when my balls pressed against her lower pussy crack she buried her head into the quilt and screamed. After the film Lynda offered to drive me home but l declined as l was going for a burger which she thought was a good idea, so going through the drive-thru we stopped at the view point to eat our food. When l eased my cock from Lyn’s mouth she swung herself around on the bed and raised her knees, l climbed onto the bed and starting at her pussy kissing my way to her tits, chin then her mouth the head of my cock was pressed against the entrance of her eagerly waiting love hole, easing myself downwards my shaft parted her pussy lips and began to slide insid

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