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#189113 - Finally it was our date night Toni spent all day getting ready ,her hair just right ,makeup, outfit she wore the teddy crotch less panties nylons and garter under her dress ,she looked great we went to the club ordered a drink and were sitting talking when Joe showed up we all sat down had a few drinks got to know a little about each other and agreed we should go to Joe’s hotel room he had picked up some drinks for us and had them in the fridge in his room . Then Toni tells him that her husband is off with his boss and can’t come back she needs a hard dick in her and soon she can’t wait till he gets home and says your always hitting on me now put up or shut up !!! Joe takes a second what if your husband finds out she says he will I will tell him they are into kinky side of sex but they had to be honest with each other he laughed said he would be right over. We called Joe both of us talked to him explained we were new to this but were ready to try it and told him that I would be p

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