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#306366 - Her lustful eyes, and her bucking pussy indicated that she wanted me to fuck her hard and fast !!! My pace quickened… And my thrusts became more and more forceful…. “does it feel good baby…. The lust in her eyes was like a piercing fire !!! And I knew that I was in for the fuck of my life… I was so turned on by her lustful, aggressive seductive approach, that I just reached up and grabbed her and threw her over on her back !!! And my only thoughts were that this gal is going to get fucked good and hard !!! My opinion of the female gender was somewhat jaded anyways, and the only thing that I could think of, was that this gal was going to get all of my pent up frustrations and disappointments from every past relationship that I had ever had in each and every long hard thrust that I gave her as I rammed my cock in and out of her dripping wet pussy !!! And oh there have been many heartaches that woman have given me, and this gal was going to feel every one of them

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Your pussy is so beautiful you should do more close up hentais of it like some solo hentais and some close up fucking that would be so hot