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#302775 - I get up get dressed she walks me to the door we kiss i pat her on the ass and go home. So i think it was a fluck and the last i would hear of it an hour later my phone gos off i look it her I enjoyed our visit she sends yeah me to what you doin i ask just setin at home thinkin about you she says Me why me i ask well i just seen you and i was thinkin of our text the other nite she send What about it i ask just how nice it was to talk like that to a man againshe says You can talk to me anytime you want hon i tell her Really sure anything for you all you have to do is ask i send her ANYthing she replys Anything for you i tell her are you sure yes ma'am anything for you i send her well how would you like me to take your big cock in my mouth and suck on it she send that would be nice what else would you like i send Mmmm how about you eat my pussy i loved it when dad ate my pussy she send O


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