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#222619 - “Hello again” “Oh, hi” “I saw you out doing your football earlier” “Did you? Oh dear. Kyle was fucking enjoying it too, you should have heard him! “My god, Gabriel, you suck like a little bitch, it feels so fucking good on my dick, do it baby, suck my prick!” he screamed for more “Holy shit you like it like that then do you? Well get ready for this!” I started caressing his asshole and ravaged at his giant cock when he started swearing again! “Oh my God baby, that feels so fucking god! Oh yeah, yeah keep it going babe, I want you so fucking bad you cock sucker!” Christ, he had the hottest fucking mouth I’d ever heard, and it just made me want him even more! My mouth got more hyperactive and his swearing got way too over the top for me so I decided to let him have a little play.

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Kotone himekawa
This was hot up until the end which was like watching someone furiously try to get a casing on a sausage