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#110823 - It is so freely and wild now, but most in common with them all, the hot, and beautiful, folk; the physically well endowed, sexually desired, tight bodied individuals, is that they offer to give up their bodies and their good looks, in exchange for monetary gain, foremost (they got to pay the rent) and their youth is expended, at a price, figuratively and metaphorically, is but precise. It is seen as a fluke of nature on a young lad, for it is contrived, that his such huge cock is mystery it existed on him before he unleashed it from his groin, and whether he knows how impressive it looks, whether he ever has used it with sexual power or yet learned to use that impressive, scary long, hard tool, unmercifully on others’ poor holes, can one handle such a size? We wonder as to who can handle it well, and whether he is good at fucking, as a good lover would, does he know how, seeing how youthful he appears, and his small framed, lanky body, fit enough to the deed, fucking well with i

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