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#268389 - After I am waxed plucked and have seen the doctor for a birth control shot I am returned to my room and this time I notice I have a tv so I find the remote and turn it on there is a knock on the door and a guy enters the room with a tray he tells me the brought my dinner and some clothes for me he also tells me that I will begin training in the morning I ask if I can talk to him and he says yes. She tells me that if I agree to be trained I would be paid 2 grand a week and that after the training I can work in the house making anywhere from 5 to 10 a week plus I keep all tips and if I say no than I will be sold to someone that will do all kinds of shit to me or be killed. For some of you it will be painful others it will be pleasurable.

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Blair is a goddess the throat work is amazing and she takes a full balls deep pounding terrific
Yusuke urameshi
Mm nice