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#134494 - to me anyway, mean I want you, fuck me!, She slowly removed her top & her bottoms, now shes wearing nothing but a bra & panties, she whispered You want the rest? Do it yourself So i grabbed her panties with my teeth & ever so slowly pulled them right off, while also kissing her thigh, on the way down. She moans & giggles, i smile at her & she smiles at me, as i go to work on her pussy, she moans & gasps for air as i realize that shes gonna cum, rather than stir away, i let her cum all in my mouth, she giggles a little more, like an innocent school girl. At this point i didn't know if we were best friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, fuck buddies, or any other backward ass term that could (& probably would) be used to describe us.

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That is hot stuff
Tagi sugiyama
Shes hot but im sorry any chick that does this to me is going to be another statistic of domestic violence