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#96229 - It wasn't long before the doorbell was going wild as more guys turned up, Joy now impalyed on three cocks, I think two might have been in her butt, and one in her pussy, I was to busy to see clearly, as more cocks took my ass for a ride. Again the amly helped me, as I rode this monster harder, each time my orgasm took my mind for a ride, as the guys watched in shook, I was lost, for once I felt my anus was as full as it would ever be, and was I enjoying it, going faster with each thrust up and down. My mind went wild as he fucked me long and hard, I took more amyl knowing his knot would soon follow, but I held my ass cheeks tight wanting him to take longer to fuck me, and he did, some 20 minutes or so, then I wanted that feeling of him being knotted with me, knowing when he does his sperm will follow.

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Nina ichihara
The hottest vid we have ever seen
Hitoya amaguni
Translation or subtitles would be nice to add to enjoy the fucking as well