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#281264 - Other side of city sharon was working miss barnes came out her office walk to sharon told her she need to do stock cheek sharon seld that not my job miss barnes whisper in her ear be in there in 5 mins or I wil punish u bitch she went to store room no one was in there she hear door open and shut sharon turn round and see miss barnes stand there she walk up to sharon grab her hair look in her eyes seld bitch u better lick my pussy now or I wil make u sorry miss barnes lift her skirt up sharon see she got no pantys on sharon craw to miss barnes and lick her clit miss barnes grab her hair rub her pussy all over her face step back seld now get to work all I wil make u a very dirty bitch. And left her there she went to her office and it was 4 30 and she told ever one thay cud go home had sharron stay miss barnes seld in 2 days u be going on a trip for 3 days and pack u can have tomoz of. Miss barnes grab her bag went to toilet sharon walk in lock eyes with miss barnes she lock the do

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