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#64864 - With several drinks and a camera we headed up, it was so peaceful other than a towel we had nothing to cover us from the warm spring air, once at the top we sat down enjoying the view, we watched the girls as much as the sunset, equally both great views. Just before the sunset, we saw another car pull in around the other side of the rock, but we didn't care, as more drink went down we all enjoyed a beautiful sunset, Gretchen started to suck Lou's cock for him with Lyn's help, I went behind Lyn and gave her cunt a warm up fuck, Gretchen slipped under her and licked her clit, while Lou opened up Gretchen cunt for her, was nice to see them fucking together. I Gave her just enough time to get used to my size, then went to town in her ass, pulling her fully back onto my rod with each thrust, her first anal orgasm ripped its way around her body to my cock, I kept going for as long as possible, but my balls needed to release their load, as Sue shot though another anal orgasm better

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Fucking cute and hot girl
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Sexiest hentai ever thank you for doing another leg thigh one this one was amazing