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#184867 - When I here the knock at the door I know that our girl has arrived. I go over what he will be making a week and although its less than what he was making on the street he is still interested in being trained he knows that the streets get hot and I know that he has money and wants more he also knows that he has to submit to me which he says isn’t a problem I know that he has had his dick sucked by a man before. I tell her that from now on she will be locked down here until she has the baby the doctor will come and see her once a month to make sure that the baby is alright and that if anything happens to him she will be killed slow and painful she puts her hand on her stomach and says that she loves her baby I look at Rob who looks like he could kill this bitch right now.

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Takaya abe
Why do i hear subtle hardbass every time someone speaks russian help
Hina takanashi
I wish i found a girl