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#268384 - our final incident i thnk it was around 3am her step dad was station in sandiego for his navy stuff and aunt called me around 10 that they have a girls night out since uncle was not there she told me if i could sleep in their house tonight coz jessica would be byherself and ofcourse i said yes ;D their house is 3 bedroom so they have a spare room for guest then i went to their house like 10 someting i watch tv played video games then eat their food then went to the guest room which is beside jessicas room and i saw jessica lying on her front with both feet up and playing psp and she was wearing short short where u can almost see her ass cheek. after that i started helping her to mix the brownies and i went behind her i told her im goin to hold the mixer from behind her so we could do it together while we were doing that i started to do the move itarted to poked her ass using my dick and theres no way she wont feel that and she didnt hesitate at all proving she liked it and after that

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