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#88284 - P-Chan's eye's grew wide when he heard the word tenderizing he jumped out of Akane's arms, P-CHAN Akane called but he was already down the hall and out of sight, What’s gotten in to him Akane thought as she went up to her room, P-Chan ducked into the bathroom at the end of the hall and found a tub full of hot water and jumped in. Ranma is almost done Kasume said as she used her knife to slice a small piece of Ranma's meat off of her rump and passed the hot piece of meat to Akane, Try some Akane she is quite delicious Kasume said, Akane just stood there staring at the cooked flesh, Come now Akane this was her role as a woman, we been over this, now your role is to eat this meat until it is your turn to give up your meat the way that she did Kasume said while Akane turned and ran from the room, That one's gonna be a fighter Was all Kasume could say to herself as she ate the piece of meat and started humming her little tune. Ranma, how is this

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Real sugar baby here i m loyal and need to be spoiled i love to chat and travel and i m also i real nasty bitch
Ai sugimoto
First and last clips are amazing
Miina miyafuji
The club is full of dickheads too