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#115634 - Sticky juices oozed and spat from the bears cunt as the hunter ravished her, a small puddle pooling on the floor beneath them, moistening the soil and allowing the hunter to bury his knees deep into the dirt to give him maximum strength and speed in his thrusts. Closing its mouth over the base of the hunters throbbing cock the bear drank his seed like an overflowing fountain, he could hear an audible gulp from the bear as she swallowed his thick cum happily, her body shuddering as she reached an earth-shattering orgasm, the likes of which she had never experienced. The sun was setting, a dim orange light broke through the trees, spilling into the forest and gently illuminating the den where he had tracked the bear, he hadn't seen her leave, there was no other escape, there would soon come the time that the two would meet, and decisions would have to be made.

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