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#23490 - “ Oh, oh…oh, God “, She moaned and reached over to the assortment of toys she had placed close by on the bed. Little did I realize that at that moment I created a monster… A climax craving, orgasm demanding, “why did I wait so fucking long for this!”, vibrator riding, dildo humping, butt plug stuffing, juice pouring pump bitch was born at that very second and has never, ever looked back! After that night Joy was constantly wanting to purchase the latest devices from any available source at any price and I was more than happy to do my part to help her in her quest. “ God, this makes me so fucking hot! What a bunch of beautiful cocks! “ Joy’s gaze lingered upon Mac’s gigantic tool for quite some time and while doing so she began inserting the butt plug she had selected inside her tight, tender, super lubed asshole.

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