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#2138 - I was some distance away but could see how beautiful she was. She was dancing around, with her her knees bent and apart, at first I thought she was also dying to go, but to my surprise she place both hands on my shoulders and pulled me to her! It seemed so natural, my tongue easily slipped into her lips and wet pussy folds as I explored up and down her slit with my tongue my lips found her swollen clit her hands ended up on my head and held me tight to her and in only moments she succumbed to a shuddering orgasm, but it was the noise she made even with the skirt between her hands and my head that was so sinfully erotic, and OMG! I thought everyone in the place knew exactly what we were doing or what had just happened in that stall? After several minutes I tried then was finally able to stand up, we pressed together again as we swapped places. It had been a turn on to bring a man like my husband and others off sucking them, but to be naked on my knees and to have a nasty lo

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