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#199640 - I managed to meet Amy at the park she didn’t look much different than the last time I saw her apart from a few curls at the end of her hairlines we just spent most of the day talking and getting closer to eachother we knew there was a fire starting between us our faces were drawn closer to eachother Amy was to chicken shit to make a move hence to while I call her chicken so I went for it and planted a kiss on her lips Amy withdrew a bit then drew back into my lips getting more intimate I asked her if she wants to go back to our special toilet for old times sake she knodded and began to walk up but just as we got there there were people surrounding the area we would’ve definitely got caught if we went in there so we waited and waited till it was to late Amy’s brother called her telling her he is on his way to pick her up and I new I had to be clear out of his site considering he hates me for apparently using Amy. I sat down next to Amy for a few minutes we just talked about random thi

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