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#25697 - ” she opened her mouth to say no but she froze for a moment and answered with a shaky “y-yes master” she then sat on my bed and waited patiently with a confused look on her face as I rolled the joint Maybe she's trying to figure out why she's going to do this I thought to myself as I light our thick joint and took a big drag then handed it to Ashly. I grabbed her legs and pulled them over my shoulders as I pulled her little button into my mouth and sucked on it hard, causing ashly to nearly scream from the great feelings stemming from her pussy. Now do you want to share a joint with your kids?” as mom glared at me Ashly said “yea mom smoke with us! It's really fun!” at moms sad look I said “fine soon your self, but take that shirt off.

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Mizuki tachibana
You drive magically i would go with you immediately
Cure milky
Shuten douji
I want to fuck er
Madoka midou
If only getting good grades were that nice