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#401635 - It's time for baby to make mommy happy, whispered Sybil, mama needs her pussy sucked, and she wants little Glenda to do her! Still remembering the shattering orgasm that Sybil had given her, she felt compelled to help relieve the tension in the older woman's vagina, so as Sybil opened her legs wide, she getnly but firmly guided Glenda's mouth to her gaping slit, which was by now flooded with hot pussy juice. Glenda had found out something else about herself, she loved the taste of pussy, and having one in her mouth turned her on as much as sucking a cock! What was even more unreal about the situation was that Sybil had a huge thick hair pie, and while Glenda kept hers neatly trimmed, this wild growth between Sybil's legs made her own cunt drool! Mmmm baby, cooed Sybil, mama is really close now, keep your tongue right there and mama will cum in your mouth, okay!?! Glenda bored in harder on the hard little clit, making Sybil's body shake with anticipatio

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Absolutely beautiful
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I love jumping on cock
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Good bitch