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#173985 - I pulled off my trousers on a chair and went to get up but Leah pushed me down and impaled herself on my dick while I was still sitting down. We did it several more times after that one but I’d already moved on to my next ‘target’. She raised herself up and then flopped back down, bouncing slightly on my base.

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Jiro yamada
What i love about her and ggg girls lile manga and victoria is that she is not pretending to love it she literally wants to feel huge cocks in her 24 7 must be pretty exhausting for a single man to fuck her i think she can only get off if she is covered in spunk and fucked simultaneously by a couple of guys while even more guys in the background wank their cocks to the action
I think i may be in love with woman lost count of how many times i busted a nut to this hentai