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#383117 - However, his wettest dreams now made real – Maggie’s creamy, bare rump ceremoniously held firm in his hands, her buns vulnerably separated soft, dividing her crack and redoubtably, inexorably set rock-cock hot against her elasticity – her sweetly, vainly unyielding access – George could see that he was really, criminally, too broad for her this way and that, worse, this savagery of her by his size would not stop him. For the first few minutes, Maggie bumped and ground her pelvis in some rhythm of her own in lieu of music in time to the toy’s buzz in her butt; by the fourth minute she was trying to pry the footboard’s bars free of their welds and her pussy had hopelessly stained the chair’s upholstery. He saddled between her thighs, her limbs easing around him, and posting his arms to either side of her ribs, he slowly bore into her body with the persistent momentum of a braking locomotive, feeling her hymen give way like wet kleenex, though she flinched at the four-inch mark on

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