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#70438 - So I needed a girl and there they were about fifteen of them sitting at a bar drinking soda Picking this sute little thing, I was bit apprehensive, I mean, sex with this little girl? Well, I wasn't the first so I said to myself, get on with it. This is the first place he was in I told him and it was a gay go go bar. Sleeping with a smile on his face, I went to the bar for a drink with the bartender asking me if I would like company? I said I wouldn't object but not a tourest.

Read Masterbation 【女体化】まずはヒューバートから・前編【夏が終わる前に水着で!】 - Tales of graces Submission 【女体化】まずはヒューバートから・前編【夏が終わる前に水着で!】

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Very cool
Watatsuki no toyohime
Hot love how she takes the dick