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#383024 - I noticed she started to grind her ass really hard on my dick and moaning she seemed to enjoy it and didnt say anything about it feeling bigger, so I figured alright here we go she is nice and wet and horny as hell so I dropped my boxers told her to stick that ass out and open her ass cheeks with her hands rubbed so lub that I didnt need this time around my dick then put the head of the extension on her pussy and slowly started getting it in, she pushed back to fuck me then stopped and grabbed my dick and turned around and looked and I thought damn she is done now she isnt going to want to fuck my with this on, She asked me what is this, why are you wearing this i dont want that I want the real thing, then I was like well you really seemed to enjoy grinding on it didnt you, why dont you just give it a try I think your going to like it, she was like that shit is big its going to hurt, and i was like well relax and we will just take it easy untilyour pussy starts enjoying it,,,. she got

Read Xxx [FLAT (Yukyu Ponzu)] Henaiteki na Kanojo [Digital][Chinese]【羅莎莉亞漢化】 - Original Fresh Henaiteki na Kanojo【羅莎莉亞漢化】

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Hot she looks like one of these really nice innocent girls who would never dream of doing this kind of stuff but you somehow got her to do it and made a fucking whore out of her for a while
Sayo hikawa
This guy looks like the male alpha thing in i am legend but with hair