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#187801 - Damn Bri, you sure you trying do this I said began to moan lightly. Nothing for real, I wanna go to the movies but everybody bluffin today she said. She dug her nails into my shoulders and screamed out she was about to cum, three strokes later she started to cum all over my dick, it seemed like every time I pulled out more and more of her cum would cover my dick.

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Just wish i had a modicum of self control to stop feeling like i have to give into my primal desires even though i know it s a waste of time and generally just makes me more miserable i wish i had the motivation and energy to be more conscious when i think and act but it almost feels like autopilot 90 of the time i m tired of choosing the same repetitive harmful behaviors and want to choose to be happy and do things that will make me happy i just don t feel i have the strength to keep
Meiko shiraki
That is a beautiful tight little ass well done for getting that cock into her