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#199113 - I felt that it was going to boil over very soon, Then friday her bf called and said it would be another 2 weeks before he would be back. Our dog max even started to take notice by sticking his nose into her crotch a few times, you should have seen her jump and squeal, I know he got a few licks in also, That time I thought she was going to faint from the feeling and seeing her teenage son witness this, Her knees buckled and she almost fell over! I knew at that point she was over the edge of being horny. So then I got bold and put my hands on my hips and started flexing my dick up and down like waving it at her, then said kinda loud like it mom? That snaped her out of it and she turned and quickly left, her face turning very red and her breathing getting quick.

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Just what forest grows deep enough that an old man can find a woman like this anyway
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Aye where she at