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#23592 - There were times Harry was by himself talking to old friends or buying something special for his ladies or sitting in The Leaky Cauldron, sometimes Tom would join him. “I didn’t expect to see till later, isn’t it bad luck for the Groom to see the Bride on their wedding day, before the wedding. He shook his head smiling at her, ’more trips to the vault needed’ he thought, as he started to stand up, a completely nude Ginny, save a ring or two on each finger, several necklaces around the neck, twenty or so bracelets, three or four jeweled belts draping off her hips, two tiaras and ten or twelve hat pins and a huge smile approached, she would have looked like a little girl playing dress-up in her mother room, if it weren’t for she was most assuredly a woman, a beautiful sexy woman.

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