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#143128 - The next I knew was I was floating on my back with their help and they were both licking my cock and balls, (P) cock must have came from his mothers side of the family because he is about 9 inches and 2 fingers thick where I am only 6 inches and 2 fingers thick, they had me on the edge of cumming real quick and lowered me back into the water and I lead my (P) to the poolside and had hid seat on the edge, I stroked his cock then licked it from tip to balls and back before swallowing him. I thought it was an all male porn but I found out it was started last night when they were fucking the guy next door and ended with us out by the pool and on the blanket! I think I even saw my ex sucking the guy next doors cock and the other two also. He turned around shocked and my eyes were glued to his 10 to 11 inch hard and 3 finger thick cock.

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