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#293559 - I began lapping it down to avoid drowning as I couldn’t move my head, not that I was complaining, she tasted damn good! Then it was my turn and I came in record time, she had only started to deep throat me when I exploded in her mouth filling it and over flowing out the sides of her lips. With the speed I was going at I was lucky to have come only minutes earlier so I could make this time last, my balls were slapping against her ass and I was on the verge of orgasm and I started to slow down so I wouldn’t wear out before she came again and as I decreased my speed she looked directly into my eyes and pleaded with me to continue since she was so close and I gladly obliged and sped up again.

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Nina tucker
Those glasses look so hot on her she is so sexy
Blue mary
Que rica se ve esa polla
Bro exactly she literally had a wedding ring on too