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#164647 - If not blissful, it was certainly incredibly enjoyable for the next 15 minutes or so, as I marveled that, yes indeed, I had yet to cum - what did I ask before?. I have never had full intercourse with a man, but it has become more and more an obsessive desire; a shemale would be wonderful, as I love to suck and cuddle breasts so much, but thoughts of truly sucking/being sucked by/fucking and being fucked by a real cock have taken more hold these past few months. They were happy to see me, to say the least! Well, I was a novelty, bit like a monkey in the zoo I often felt in Thailand, as I doubt they had many/any foreigners visit what was a bit of a seedy place - foreigners with money would go elsewhere, pay twice what I pay for a drink, and umpteen times more for the 'bar fine' if they took a girl out; me, I go local, and probably have more laughs, along with more money in my pocket when I left.

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Satsuki miyanoshita
Ur really naughty
Aya brea
Ineed atoy too try things like this on her