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#179700 - Their house was big enough for me to have my own room and en-suit they now had a son; l had been living with them for about 5 weeks, Neil had gone to pool or darts and Tina was in the kitchen taking clothes out of the machine she looked a bit down so l asked if everything was alright, Tina slammed the machine door shut and burst into tears l hugged her, she began telling me how she was fed up with everything, when my sister looked at me we kissed and it all happened so quickly l tore open her top, lifted her bra to start sucking her tits, Tina was unbuckling my jeans and slid a hand into my boxers for my cock, we kissed again, l bent her over the table raised her skirt ripped down her knickers took hold of my cock and rammed it into her waiting pussy, my sister gripped the edges of the table tight as l began pounding her hole with my cock, she sighed and let out ‘god l’ve miss you’, l gave a hard shove of my cock into her now very moist pussy my creamy spunk exploded inside her, my sis

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