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#118578 - Elliot then said, “Tomorrow you are coming over to my house and you are going to seduce my youngest daughter who is 18 years old and probably pretty soon you will be known as the biggest whore in New York City, but as long as you do what me and my family says for as long as we want you no one will know that you are the biggest whore in the NYC. When I stood up Elliot said to me, “We are going to lay a game, first your going to go to hooker lane and wait for me, second while your waiting your going walk & act like a hooker, third when I get there your going to offer your body to me, fourth when you get in my car your going to suck my cock while we are driving even if someone is watching us, and last we are going to have a lot of fun. For some reason I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him back.

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Maya yukiko
This guy s aim is better than stephen curry s shooting
Woah woah the cops serve and protect us