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#314376 - i wanted them to simply mount her and start fucking her little pussy. “what's this?” she asked nervously and yet excited at the same time. this was obviously a turn on to the man fucking her, because he started hitting her harder and grunting and groaning, pounding and pounding! when he started doing this she then began letting out an AH! with each thrust – AH! AH! AH! until she gripped my cock, slamming her forehead on my thigh and let out an OH! GAWD! OH! GAWD! I'M CU – uhm – I'M CUMM~m~m~m~MIIINNG! he then started to pound even harder, grunting with each hit! her pussy was making sloshing and wet smacking sounds on impact! smack! after smack! after smack! until he jammed it in her with one hard slam, gripping her hips tight, he let out an AAAAAAAAAGH! when he gave his initial final thrust, and then pulled back and thrust it in her again a couple more times, letting out more jizz, oh! yeah! he said, this pussy's fucking hot and tight! after he

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