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#40054 - He unhooked my legs one at a time and chained them back to the floor, then worked the machine or whatever it was again so my arms were now free, then he chained my hands to the desk, forcing me to bend over and rest on my elbows, I was leaning over with my ass sticking in the air. I could just smell the faint scent of shaving cream and wondered what the hell he did with it, then I felt the wetness between my legs and looked down, the bastard shaved me! He shaved me clean of all my pussy hair, luckily he didn't cut me or anything, but still, he fucking shaved me! The room was empty except for the contraptions holding me in place, a desk, and a box on the desk about 15 feet in front of me. Bad date after bad date had built up in me and it was all coming out in what felt like would be a massive orgasm.

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