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#397128 - My parents divorced when I was 7, naturally at that time custody was given to the mother, more often than the father, dad did have rights to see me twice a month, but over the following 3 years this became less and less, it’s now been two years since I have seen him. It took me two years to pull them back from the brink, mom got a new job and Emma decided she wanted a family, we had six children together and life was good again. I must have been doing it right as she shook and I guessed she was coming, sitting up Emma told me to get naked, I did in seconds, she pulled me on top of her, I knew the principles behind having sex, so started thrusting my hips into her, I felt my cock rubbing up along her pussy and her clit hardened, then I moved back and down a little more and with my next thrust I slipped into her, her eyes opened wide as she felt my cock going where no man had gone before, I knew nothing about having to go steady as she would have a hymen to breach, I did feel a

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