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#74712 - Me and Stephen or as I called him Ste had been dating for a few months now and said we still hadn't had sex sure we felt each other up a bit and kissed and masturbated together but that's as far as it went one day Ste came to me and said hey babe what are you going to wear to the dance I think we should meet at yours and probably tell your parents I said hey wait a god damn minute I don't think that you have asked me to be your date to that dance he said oh I thought since we are dating we'd automatically be going together I said of course we are babe I'm gonna be wearing a tux gonna look sharp as fuck he then said and sexy I said babe come on I look sexy as fuck in anything so that's a given he then said I'm gonna be wearing a tux as well I then said maybe we can have our first time make it a special night he said maybe yes maybe no depends how drunk I get I said it's a dance for under 18's there's not gonna be any drink (this story ta

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Your faec really get me going especially when youre moaning
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Tomoyo sakagami
Sexy outfit she turns me on