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#308610 - It appears Sunday evening when she had just about got all the cum they had to give her, they fell asleep, around 6 am Shelia was woken by guys fucking her, they kept her going until she told them she had to go to work, After a shower and plenty of hands to help her, Sheila found her Mini and top, the band members gave her a wad of money saying this is the money we bet you to strip, Because the hotel was only a block or so from her work she walked there, guys giving her big smiles seeing her slim body though her white shirt and near naked pussy and ass. Then one weekend, she rang to say she was going to see a band that was playing in town, they had seen her in the shop and given her free ticket to go, so we wouldn't see her this weekend. One of the guys pulled her over, her head on the floor and her back against the bed, leaving her ass and cunt open for them to fuck, she said they took turns, wanking and fucking her pussy then standing over her and dropping all their cu

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