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#50225 - Jim sat on the side of the bed & picking up the two glasses passed one wine to Jan and said hear is to my lovely sexy wife, I love you Jan, missed you and to be perfectly honest I’m not surprised about the Sydney trip Cindy always says that when in Sydney you do what Sydneyites do, go with the flow so to speak. There was no need for the KY, Sally’s pussy was running juices down her legs and as she climbed on top of Jan inserting the Black monster into the opening of her cunt Jim placed his hand on the bottom of her back and pushed her down all the way to the base where her clit rubbed onto Jan’s bringing great pleasure to both girls. Jim asked and do you want to see him again, not wanting to sound too excited Jan said I told him that we only play together, what had happened on the photo shoot weekend was a never to be repeated exception.

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