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#141587 - I discovered many years back that she was having an affair, not with 1 man, but 4 other men, when I did find out I was too young to realise what was happening but as I grew older I became more aware of what a whore my mother was, and for some odd reason, it turned me on and I have to admit at times I would masturbate over her. I then told her I wanted to ride her ass, she obliged as she got on all fours, before I started to fuck her ass, she needed to lube up so she told me to get the Vaseline and wipe it all over my cock, whilst I was doing this she was fingering her asshole to open it up a little, she told me although she had done anal before, it still hurts at first. She stood up and looked so happy, I then realised why she was having 4 different affairs.

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