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#262332 - Recognising this she grinned, almost laughing as he got his hands free of the quilt, one reaching up to try and pull the panties from his mouth, tasting her fragrant scent pressed down against his tongue, his other hand reaching to desperately press against her bare shoulder, trying to shove her off. Gritting her teeth she rocked herself back and forth a couple of times, trying to get her cock to line back up with him, but, failing and with a despairing growl she leaned up, her tempo broken as she slowed to a stop, recovering her breath for a few long moments, her hand going limp from his neck as she smothered his smaller body with her own, the boy panting hard, whimpered adorably on each exhale during the brief moment of respite. Smiling she stepped out into the coolness of the late evening, closing and locking her door behind her before glancing around at the cars sweeping by, spotting one as it neared, its licence plate matching up with the one displayed on her phone.

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