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#36268 - Leaving the pocket dimension and now back in Ayames bedroom they see Ayame holding her baby Orc Son in her arms, Rikimarue smiles and says You didn't try to escape with your Son while we were gone, that's very good , Merik says As a reward for your good behavior tonight I was going to summon five Orcs to gangrape you but now I'll summon ten of them to gangrape you , Ayame smiles and says Ten Orcs! thank you so much master . The two dog demons keep switching places raping her mouth, pussy and ass and cuming deep in all three of her holes, Merik looks at Rikimarue and says Do you still think she's faking? , Rikimarue says Yes I do, all female Taimanin are trained to resist, I know this because I've trained many female Taimanin myself . Rikimarue smiles and says That's a good plan ok let's go get her and he opens the portal to the pocket dimension, entering the pocket dimension he sees the dog demons continue to brutally rape Ayame,

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