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#62930 - “I’d like to have a Mega Milkshake” Pete arches his eyebrows and looks at Joe, Joe smiles and shrugs “I’d guess you want that take away?” Maryse nods happily and looks at Joe “That OK baby?” “Hey you’re the boss, you dragged me in here…” Joe ducks her mock slap and laughs “It’s fine Reese, just don’t complain that you run out of breath” She sticks out her tongue and turns back to Pete who is watching this exchange with an amused twinkle in his eyes as he makes the milkshake, Maryse leans on the counter to watch him and Joe leans on the counter next to her. She hooks in with him and looks at him with a slight frown “What did Chris want?” “He wanted to talk about you and college” She rolls her eyes and smiles at Joe “And you told him that you are not worried at all?” Joe chuckles “Did you spy on me hmmm?” She laughs “No, but I do know you and if you didn’t tell him that I’d be kicking your butt right now” Joe chuckles and playfully taps

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Ranmaru kurosaki
Did anyone ever find out her name
Natsuiro matsuri
Keep the series up good work