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#385928 - Finally as they pull out she falls to the side and the boys stand, the older boy leans down and whispers to her, you’re one hot fuck babe, pity we can’t carry on, your parents will probably be home soon’ Rolling to her back Amy opened her legs wide again, gasping she smiles at all 4 boys ‘my folks won’t be home until Monday night and Steve said he never wants to see me again’ Laughing two of the boys help her up and she leads them to her bed room smiling Amy thinks to herself ‘You really missed out Steve this could have been you on your own’. She was told there was a mini bus to take people home who didn’t have a lift and when she got there found that most of the others were couples, the boys were taking the girls home then coming back to the frat to clear up. Amy’s large breasts almost flowing over the top made her nipples rest on the edge of each cup, slipping the panties on she was shocked to find they were crotchless! ‘My mother’s a hypocritical slut’ she thought to herself.

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