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#144084 - And began to get things ready for breakfast as Thedford and his wife Irene who was much better now though still walking a bit bowlegged came down and sat at the breakfast table and then George came down and four of them ate as Both Thedford,his wife, and George questioned where the girls were and Maryellen thought up a quick one and said they all had left earlier headed down to the Creek!! What becomes of all the girls? Do the parents go looking for them? That will be Chapter 3 :) =============================================================================================. As she began eating and sucking and licking her pussy just as Esterr bent her head down and sucked up nearly half her tit into mouth and began working that tit flesh and nipple over with her tongue as Steph thrashed and squealed and began shaking all over and Maryellen was instantly swallowing her cum juices gulping them down in loud swallows, As Esterr's mouth released her one tit only to suck half

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