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#305268 - The experience was an overwhelming mixture of feelings and pleasures, an expression of true undying love, the feel of a tight “virgin” cunt that belonged to only me, along with the nasty forbidden sensation of bestiality from fucking this hideous, tiny, version of a human female body. The additional heat and wetness drove me crazy and I could not resist fucking her ever faster with increasingly long strokes that left her tiny belly feeling alternately empty, then bloated. No other man had ever experienced the thrill of Barbara’s sex, thoughts of this treasure waiting untapped for all these years overwhelmed me.

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Opera kobayashi
You guys ever try anything like toe sucking or bellybutton licking
I love role playing this scenario it always makes me really wet
Like if u wanna do it with me
Quon kisaragi
How did you meet these girls
Ryu kimura
All i could hear was the fan blowing air lol