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#17500 - yet beauty of which in every lyric and verse has been untold Its color of white can be paralleled only to that of milk Upon that same table one will also glimpse Several pebbles sprawled atop a burning sphere From it a crimson smoke of spirals and wisps The resin melts and bubbles into blood it would appear It’s entrancing scent is exhilarating Sizzling and dancing into sudden spice To its allurement one is lost for it is thusly captivating Indulging in its luster considering a little will not suffice It is just now one observes as the smoke assembles with the rose We do not see the whirls assailing the innocence of the bud We follow the gentility addressing the invasion with yearning response It’s petals opening and accepting to the reddening smoke and keeping hold Soon the petals are enshrouded with red powder It has opened entirely and granted the spice to penetrate into its core Reminding one that it is permitted to be similar this flower To allow a little

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