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#176510 - I zoom in on her snatch, the end of the black rubber monster only just sticking out between her smooth lips, her wetness evident on the visible edges, I flick a switch, transferring the image to the bank of monitors, I pan out and upwards, her perfect flat stomach rising and falling in quick breathes, her perfect tits and hard nipples standing up proud, then her face, beautiful and flawless, with pouting lips, framed by a mane of blonde hair. I recruited a former SAS colleague, Max, who I knew was desperate for money and had no family, an offer of £10,000 was easily enough to get him to do anything I wanted, he didn’t know he wouldn’t live long enough see the money. When Max gave me the signal that the security system was disabled, I climbed the wall, covered the 30 meters of garden and was at the front door in less than 15 seconds, carefully picking the lock I let myself in and started to climb the stairs.

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