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#370640 - Mikayla: sorry *the creature shoves the tentacle in your pussy ever deeper meeting the other two tentacles in your stomach* Luna: -screams as i feel the three tentacles moving and churning around- Mikayla: *one of the tentacles in your ass shoves deeper moving to your throat and wiggling its way out your mouth, then suddenly you feel large lumps fall out of the tentacles in your stomach * Luna: -i freeze in fear as i feel my stomach begin to fill up with these strange lumps- w-w-whats happening? Mikayla: well Luna, you see these creatures need to reproduce since there are no females in there world, they need human females *as i say this it finishes fulling you with what you now know to be eggs,* Luna: -i turn pale at the though of giving berth to demon babies- please. Oooh.

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